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More Products are coming!

Who could say no to exciting surprises? Nobody.

Here in Protheme Global, we bring you to a whole new feeling of getting surprised and astounded at the same time as we religiously update our page with new products that are certainly jaw-dropping.

Imagine yourself entering to a world where grand things exist. Indulge your eyes from colorful giant candies. Sweets and lollies from your wildest dreams that come to life through vibrant colors and exquisite designs.

Planters and urns inspired by the wild. This stuff will bring you closer to nature as we experiment on the FUSION of FASHION and FUNCTION.

That is the 3 F’s of our planters, well thought to create items which are artistically useful. Once you see them, you know you need them. Before I forget, did I mention about the pirates? How about realistic statues and decorative items which uniquely designed by our skilled and talented artist?

Hold that excitement.

Protheme Global commits to share with you our collections of these items, which by the way are called TREASURES.

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