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We got a new Website!


“The dreams and realizations of the Protheme Global Inc. are getting bigger and bolder every year. This includes our website.”


We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. A new website? Yes. We value performance, and the previous website was not always well-accepted and performant. Let’s try again. We want to keep our co-workers and clients and potential new interested persons informed in the best way. A website is a great medium to showcase our wide range of products and what we can do.

The updated site includes changes to navigation, with a better user experience for both mobile and desktop versions. We’ve also improved the structure, so you’ll find more easily what you are looking for. We have also included “Add to Quote” features which enable you not just to browse our products but also to send us a list of your desired products and we will provide you a product quotation. There’s a whole host of smaller but important changes, all to make your experience of the Protheme Global Inc. website that much better for you.

The technical architecture has also been improved, to integrate it with our existing processes and systems and enabling the possibility to add new features more easily in the future. The new website is now hosted on a robust cloud platform.

Honestly, redesigning and rebuilding a website like this is not an easy task. But through collaborative performance, a positive thinking mindset and a solution-oriented approach we’re proud of the result. Thank you to everyone who has collaborated on this project!

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