“Pleasing to the eye, strong under the fist and light on the wallet”


Who we are:


Protheme Global, Inc. is a manufacturer and exporter of polyester resin sculptures, architectural décor, and furniture. With comical and realistic themes, all our products are designed to add character, life, and sensation to your home, office or business. Our items are pleasing to the eye, strong under the fist and light on the wallet. Ranging from realistic wildlife, comical farm animals, uniquely stylized furniture and renaissance inspired architectural decor, we cater to all tastes and needs.


What we stand for:


What truly distinguishes Protheme Global, Inc. from all others is our commitment to provide absolute satisfaction to our wholesale customers; from the first pen lines to finishing touches, we aspire for quality, consistency and a high regard to detail and artistic flair. Together with our team of creative designers, skilled crafters, and master painters, we constantly strive to raise our level of competitiveness and be the best in the industry. We challenge ourselves by progressively developing fresh ideas and new designs as we work to become the preferred supplier and industry leader.


Visit Us:


Protheme Global, Inc. is based in Mabalacat City, Philippines. You are more than welcome to visit our company and have a look on the work floor; because there is where all the magic happens!